How to Play Slots Guide

how to play slots onlineInitially installed as diversions for casual casino patrons, slot machines quickly grew into popularity and success, eventually moving off the sidelines to become one of the most profitable games for the house. What made slot machines exciting and compelling for gamers is that it didn’t require any knowledge or experience. You simply needed an arm to pull the lever and some coins at hand. Of course, the cartoonish vibe of the reel symbols and the sound effects also helped make the game as successful as it is today.

Basically, the game is played with a person pulling a handle to rotate a set of reels or cylinders, usually three, that have symbols imprinted on them. You win or lose depending on what symbols line up with the payline, which is just a fancy term for the middle line of a viewing screen. The amount you win, also known as the payout, varies on which symbols you land on the payline.

How to Play Slots With Different Features

How to Play Slots With Different FeaturesIt is important to know how to play slots with various features, as different slots have slightly different rules when it comes to wagers and payouts. The classic slot machine is the oldest and simplest form, sporting three reels and only one payline. There is also a corresponding pay table where the requisites and jackpots are displayed. With classic slot machines, the jackpot is fixed so you don’t have to guess how much you can potentially win at the end.

The next one is the complete opposite of the classic slot machine. Progressive slots, as the name implies, offer increasing jackpot sizes. They can sport either the old-school three-reel or five-reel setting, depending on the game you play.

Last but not least are virtual or video slots. These have no moving physical parts and instead exist in a completely virtual setting. Thanks to the internet and the proliferation of web-based casinos, video slots have been made possible and are able to create the same exciting and entertaining experience that their land-based counterparts offer to players.

Where To Find the Best Slots

Rank Casino Rating Bonus Review
1 Spin Palace Casino $CA1000 Review
2 All Slots Casino $CA1600 Review
3 Red Flush Casino $CA1000 Review
4 Ruby Fortune Casino $CA750 Review
5 Crazy Vegas Casino $CA500 Review

In recent years, a slate of online casinos have surfaced around the vacuum of the Internet. In fact, even land-based casinos have converted their operations partially or fully within the World Wide Web. While many casinos offer the same features for their slot machines, a few stand out as the best providers for slot gaming.

Places like All Slots, Red Flush, Crazy Vegas, Ruby Fortune and Spin Palace are the brand names when it comes to slot machines. They are able to distance themselves from the rest of the wolf pack by integrating different types of slot machines with different features on their range of playable games online. All slot machines are legitimate, each being licensed and secured via proper channels.

Payout rates are higher than normal and the gaming software used is cutting edge. Combine these attributes and you’ll surely get the best for your buck while still enjoying the games you’ve come to love.